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MBYLL Gold Stick Award

MBYLL Awarded Gold Stick Standard of Excellence

In order to provide the best experience possible for the youth who currently or will be playing the sport of lacrosse, the US Lacrosse Gold Stick Standards of Excellence represent the Best Practices that should be incorporated by quality youth lacrosse programs, whether they are in established, well-resourced areas or serving emerging, less resourced communities.

Description: US Lacrosse Gold Stick Program Standards    

US Lacrosse has worked with a select number of leagues throughout the country to pilot the Gold Stick Program, and has now awarded the first Gold Stick Affirming Leagues (GSAL). US Lacrosse defines a league as being "an organizing entity that oversees and manages lacrosse play for multiple lacrosse teams within a designated geographic area and/or age group and level of play."

Gold Stick Goals

  • Gold Stick for Leagues is created to ensure that leagues across the country are following the best practices for the safe and consistent play of lacrosse.

  • The Gold Stick Standards are not meant to create a police state that governs league play, nor are they intended to discount the efforts of any league that does not currently meet all of the standards.

  • The Gold Stick Standards are benchmarks by which every league can measure its progress and create a plan for continued improvement. Every organizational leader (league or otherwise) nationwide should see the value of the stated standards, and should embrace the challenge of creating a culture where young women and men can acquire the love of our sport, the lessons of teamwork, and exposure to the “Life’s Lessons” that only youth sports can provide.


posted 02/02/2015
The Custom KPYL/STX Girls Backpacks are in!!!!!

The Girls Custom KPYL Lacrosse backpack, made by STX have literally just arrived, only $80.00, email Greg Klim at greg@klimstudio.com or Bob Thompson at bbct76@verizon.net, to get yours.

posted 12/23/2014
King Philip Lacrosse Helmet Wrap

Dont miss out, the official King Philip Youth Lacrosse Helmet Wrap, Easy to apply, custom fit to your Lacrosse Helmet. Only $45.00, Get yours today. Those helmet wraps available are,

Cascade CPX
Cascade CPV
Cascade CLH2
Cascade R
Cascade CPX-R
Cascade PRO-7
Cascade CPV-R
Cascade CS
Brine STR
Warrior T2
Warrior Regulator

Email Bob Thompson at  for more details and sizing.

posted 05/01/2014
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