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April 2, 2017

Subject: King Philip Lacrosse Uniforms

Dear Players, Parents, Coaches, and all of those affiliated with King Philip Lacrosse,

Warrior Sports would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincerest apologies to King Philip Lacrosse regarding Warrior’s failure to meet your expectations relative to uniforms for this upcoming season.  We take full responsibility for all of the problems that have occurred which has ultimately resulted in your organization taking the field this weekend without the appropriate uniforms.

Warrior recognizes that we failed to meet the very basics standards of delivery, quality, and overall customer service.  This is an isolated situation in which some extenuating circumstances took place that resulted in multiple mistakes.  This situation is not indicative of how Warrior operates and we feel terrible that you have had to bear the brunt of these mistakes. We take this situation very seriously and we are working with the highest sense of urgency to provide you with a commitment date of when you can expect to receive the correct uniforms.  Members of our senior leadership team, operations team, customer service team, and sales representatives are committed to following these replacement uniforms all the way through the process to ensure your expectations are met.

Further communication regarding the expected completion and shipment date of these uniforms will be forthcoming no later than end of business on Tuesday April, 4th as we work with our supplier to expedite the manufacturing process and deliver the correct uniforms as quickly as possible.  Additionally, we are looking at what we can offer your players in terms of equipment or soft goods to help compensate for all the frustration you have endured through this process.  We will be able to communicate this to you on Tuesday April 4th as well.

Our ultimate goal is to service your organization at the highest possible level going forward and win back your trust.  We have made changes organizationally to promote a better team business experience.  Additionally, we have implemented and will continuously implement improvements to both the our operating systems and business practices to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied and will want to continue to do business with Warrior.  If King Philip chooses to business with Warrior again we have an extremely high level of confidence that you will have a very positive experience.

Again, we apologize for this major inconvenience and we are highly focused on resolving the issue to your satisfaction.



Curt Hinderliter

Global Director of Operations

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Please note: KPYL HAS CHANGED THE UNIFORM POLICY. Going forward all players will be responsible for ordering and purchasing the uniform. We have reduced our registration fee to help with the payment of uniforms this year. KPYL Uniforms—Info for Players A player must have a full uniform to play. A full uniform consists of a jersey and shorts (boys)/ jersey and skirt or shorts (girls).A jersey # will be assigned by KPYL- REQUESTS ARE NOT PERMITTED.Please note that the player’s uniform number will not change as the player gets older and continues to play for KPYL.If you need to order a replacement uniform or uniform items for KPYL, you must use the same # for the player. A variety of other optional items with the KPYL logo are also available for purchase, such as sweatshirts, jackets, pants, hats, and backpacks. Sizing information for uniforms and clothing is available on the website. If you have any questions about our registration, please contact Kristin Sayers (kristin_sayers@yahoo.com).Please feel free to forward this note along to all that may have an interest in playing the great game of lacrosse! We love introducing new players to the game.Thank you,KPYL

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